Based in Chicago, NCSA Athletic Recruiting connects college coaches with student-athletes and companies that maintain a sports focus. NCSA Athletic Recruiting’s mission is to give student-athletes a platform to use sports to get ahead in life: athleadership.

Students begin their NCSA journey by creating an online profile (with their parents’ involvement). The profile provides them with numerous opportunities to connect with schools that best match their athletic and academic abilities. Utilizing company technology, students next speak with an NCSA College Scout to formulate a recruitment plan and determine what NCAA division is most appropriate for their skill level. After scouting, athletes begin reaching out to college coaches and distributing their video and profile as well as their athletic and academic records. Many committed students are recruited with the best possible scholarship and achieve their dreams of becoming successful college athletes. The advantages of the NCSA system extend into athlete’s professional and personal lives beyond college.

Notably, NCSA Athletic Recruiting is not a traditional recruiting service because it focuses on leadership and developing the complete athlete. Services include one-on-one recruitment coaching sessions, online athletic resumes, and evaluations of student-athletes. The firm’s team of NCAA-certified recruiting experts works with college coaches and partners with organizations such as ESPN, the NFL Players Association, and Under Armour.

NCSA also works on academics and offers ACT and SAT prep courses in conjunction with Kaplan Test Prep. The company has a proven track record, and it has helped more than 50,000 networked students receive scholarships, as well as over 40,000 coaches who trust NCSA to connect them with qualified athletes. To talk with a recruiting expert, call (866) 495-5172 or visit NCSASports.org.


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